Vineyards in motion

This is a great article.  There has been a complete reversal in the vineyard and grape growing world, going from zero to hero.  Several contributing factors; two years of lighter crops have left vintners without as much supply as they need, combined with no new vineyard development (read: new suppply,) and aging vines, seem to have resulted in an environment where larger wineries are buying vineyards to control the supply of fruit.  Seems like a good sign across the board!

Tierra Divina ‘Reds’ 2010

This wine is a winner.  It's composed of Petite Syrah, Carignane, and Zinfandel, which, for me, is a first.  This unique blend comes from Lodi and was benefited by a long, cool, and even growing season in 2010 which gives the wine a smooth, rich and complex profile that can otherwise be disrupted by heat spikes.

The palate is smooth and quite rich, showing dark colors in the glass and deep blackberry and blueberry fruits on the palate.  The purple fruits are complimented by nice minerality  and  a well balanced acidity and tannin profile.  There is a bit of a fruit jumble in the finish, which I would attribute to the Zin, where you gut a mish-mash of different fruits all at once.

This is a great every day drinker that you should feel good about getting into with some friends over a burger or a skirt stake.

Boraso Berola 2008

This producer is one of the big guns in Spain and produces lots of high quality wine at a reasonable price point.  I'm a fan of numerous bottlings, and think that the Berola is a really nice example of a big rich Granache from Spain.

NOTES: This is a dark purple wine that shows an oaky nose, that has black pepper spices and flinty dark fruits.  The palate is persistent and long, and has good balance between fruit, oak and acidity, and again is packed with dark, rich fruits that are tinged with spices.

The Berola can stand up to bigger foods and would be good over the next 2-3 years.

Milbrandt 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Immediately upon smelling this wine you can tell that there is another layer of complexity to it, which is inviting and pleasant.  It drinks well over the course of several days, which is a testament to its constitution.

Notes: There are rich and unctuous flavors in this medium bodied, but large flavored wine.  It is complex and developed with coco and toffee flavors, that weaves into the plum and cassis black fruit core of the wine.  There are great savory virtues that back into big acidity, making this a wine that hits on all cylinders.

This is sad! French Vintages from ’31 – ’37 discovered, then destroyed.

I would have figured a way around.  Definitely.

Gramercy Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Recently named 'Best New Winery in America' by Food & Wine Magazine in 2010, Gramercy Cellars have been making waves in the wine geek world.  They have lots of cool press to that same affect, and the figurehead of the winery comes from several pedigreed Sommelier positions in New York City.  We may be a year behind the curve on this, but cheers to catching up.  It is worth noting that Cab is not the cornerstone of their operation, if you like this wine, make sure to have a look at some of the Syrah, Grenache etc that they do.

Gramercy Cellars' 2008 Cabernet is a medium to full bodied wine driven by acid and earth. It's an Old World wine with its roots in the New World. The first smells are of French herbs - rosemary, thyme and sage. Earthy aromas of gravel, pencil lead, chocolate and mushroom round out the nose, complemented by fruits of red currant, raspberry and fig. We are blown away by the length and elegance of this wine.

Yalumba ‘The Cigar’ Menzies 2009

Thumbnail : Yalumba ‘The Cigar’ Menzies 2009

This is a producer that is worth taking note of.  They are so big that they have their own cooperage and nursery where they create their own barrels and rootstock.  All the wines that I've had from them ...

Owen Roe Sharecropper Cabernet

Thumbnail : Owen Roe Sharecropper Cabernet

This is a producer that is severely under appreciated by Californians.  They make spectacular wines from Washington and tend to focus on Cab, Syrah, and some creative blends.  If you find a bottle of Owen Roe on ...

The Sum 08 Cabernet

Thumbnail : The Sum 08 Cabernet

75 Wine Company is putting out some great wines for the money.  The packaging is great across the board, and they over deliver in the bottle.  Just my cup of tea.

Sweet blue and black fruits, camphor, and spice ...

Andrew Murray Tours Les Jours 2008

Thumbnail : Andrew Murray Tours Les Jours 2008

The nose is full and rich with stewed purple fruits, like boysenberry jam, and has a great freshness to it.  There are some classic Syrah virtues as well as savory, beef reduction sauce characteristics in ...

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