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Vineyards in motion

This is a great article.  There has been a complete reversal in the vineyard and grape growing world, going from zero to hero.  Several contributing factors; two years of lighter crops have left vintners without as much supply as they need, combined with no new vineyard development (read: new suppply,) and aging vines, seem to […]

The New Norm in grape growing; wine making.

The wine industry, like many others, has been forced to adapt during the recession of 2008.  There are many moving parts that can be adjusted when needed; restaurants can lower the price point of their menus and wine list, and distributors can shift their inventory so that they carry less expensive wines while trying to […]

Port houses trying to cypher 2009

Decanter recently ran an article on which houses will be declaring vintage wines.  Somewhat unusually, it looks like there is a split with Fladgate (owners of Taylor’s, Croft and Fonseca) saying that they will release 09 vintage port, and Symington Family Estates, (owners of Graham’s, Warre’s, Dow’s, Gould Campbell amongst others,) saying that they will […]

Saint Emilion classification overhaul in motion

Thumbnail : Saint Emilion classification overhaul in motion

This is a great article from Palate Press covering the reclassification of the Saint-Emilion region in Bordeaux.  They are, basically, going back to the drawing board in an effort to make sure that their classification system is accurate, fair, and somewhat functional. or click here If you haven’t been up on the subject (like […]

Article on BDX

The Bordeaux market is complicated.  There are some pretty big companies that own many of the producers, the Chateaus themselves, negociants, importers, distributors, and retailers-it becomes a little complicated, really quickly. This article by Wine Spectator talks about how the United State’s largest purchasing and redistribution agent; Chateau & Estates, has left the market and […]

Questions on the stylistic future of wine…

With Robert Parker stepping down from rating California wines there is quite a bit of speculation going on about what is going to happen in the vacuum that will exist in his absence.  There is Antonio Galloni, who is going to take up Parker’s formidable job of rating every wine in California once a year.  […]

Bouquet vs. Aroma

This is a subject that I’ve noticed in some tasting notes recently and thought would be worth talking about.  Bouquet is the smell of the wine that has developed in the bottle.  An older wine will have developed more bouquet because its been in the bottle longer.  A wine’s aroma refers to the primary smells […]

The New World of Retail

Thumbnail : The New World of Retail

It seems like the retail game is undergoing another dramatic shift.  First, retailers had to worry about posting their items for sale online.  Now, they have to do something special to get customers to hit the ‘buy’ button.  What are people doing that is different? Before you hit ‘buy’ you are going to have to […]

Kistler: California Bellweather Changes Gears

There is great debate and much challenge in producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in California these days.  Should you make a more classic wine, or a big rich wine?  If your price point is going to be over $30, it better be good and probably needs to have press to back it up.  If you […]

Do wine prices relate to taste?

The book Freakonomics created an entire genera of reading-which I am fanatically in love with.  They’ve recently expanded to radio, doing pod casts and other medium format pieces that are totally awesome.  Geeky economics met geeky wine in this interview, and I love every second. The interesting subjects; In a study of 6,000 blind taste […]

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